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Different WhatsApp Status in English

Le 2 January 2018, 13:54 dans Humeurs 0

Anyone looking for the WhatsApp status in English can find here the different categories of statuses for your WhatsApp to update. I have discussed the different type of status according to moods in this post.  




Nowadays, everyone loves to update their WhatsApp status as it is visible to everyone in their contacts. We all have WhatsApp application in our mobile for chatting with people, the only internet is required for doing that. If someone updates something on their WhatsApp like their profile picture or status, everyone can see it if the privacy is not there.  

Many of us update our status daily according to our mood which we are having and sometimes for people whom we want to make feel special. For updated daily, we need the new and large collection of status for Whatsapp so that each time our WhatsApp status looks new and unique.  

I have covered some of them here in this post. 


Whatsapp Status for Gamers 

Many of us love to play games and for those gamers, here are some of the amazing statuses related to them.  

•    Just play games and enjoy your virtual reality.  

•    Life becomes more fun when we start playing games. 

•    For gamers, there are no birthday dates, they just go one level-up.  

•    Playing games is much better than playing with someone’s heart.  

•    For the gamers, winning trophy in the game is the true love.  

•    For having fun in life, start playing games. 


Entrepreneur Whatsapp Status 

There is a collection of status related to being an entrepreneur. Find here the best. 

•    Keep working in your life until everything becomes cheap for you.  

•    Instead of dreaming always, keep working for your success.  

•    Start become addicting to the results.  

•    For being a successful entrepreneur, start taking a risk in life.  

•    If you don’t take risks, you may regret it later in your life.  


Inspirational Status for Whatsapp 

Sending something motivational or inspirational message to someone can make their day. We can also set it as our status for inspiring everyone by reading our status.  

•    Don’t stop in your life until you achieve what you want to! 

•    Grab the opportunity which comes to you because it doesn’t happen again.  

•    Never give up on your dreams. 

•    Always believe in yourself.  


This was all about the different WhatsApp status in English. If anyone wants to know more about it, they can click the

Showbox for PC Windows and Mac Download Latest App

Le 2 January 2018, 13:27 dans Humeurs 0

showbox is one of the best leading application that provides high-quality movies and most popular shows, and TV series that is for no price. You have to download the app on your mobile, it is one of the endest application that allows you to watch movies in HD quality. Showbox is the best entertainment freak full and it fills all the requirements , one of the best things about this app is, That It is totally free and it is easy to download also.

How to download Showbox for PC on Windows?

This is one of the best application that is supported in iOS, Android and also in PC. Have a look at the 

Showbox  Application  downloads Showbox in PC, It is not supported for the windows phone.

it is the best app for downloading movies in HD, and one of the most interesting is that it is easy to use

by using this app you can enjoy movies and also serials.

b) it has the biggest collection of movies and serials of the tv also.

Read the guide to know about the Kodi movie addons- kodi movie addons 

Download Showbox for PC window 7/10

Enjoy Showbox app on the desktop and have a look at the steps:

step 1. Before proceeding with the Showbox on PC  you have to download it.

Step 2: After completing the installation of the blue stacks. There you can see it for the showbox in it.

Step 3: Go to the bluestacks Showbox on pc and click to download according to the below screenshot. in this app, it is easy to find the download option in it, and the Showbox app is downloaded on the desktop.

Usage of the Showbox app:

showbox application is one of the simplest things you can do, after installing the application in no time. the user interface is easy to use.

it is free of charge, the only thing it is connected to the TV. Makes setting on all PCs That will restrict the external sources.

For more info regarding the Sowbox, visit-